Amazon Seller Services

If anyone has figured out how to market, sell, and deliver merchandise on a large scale, it’s Amazon. As a result, sellers of all kinds of goods across the country are looking for a way to take advantage of the Amazon machine. Amazon seller services (also known as FBA or Fulfilled by Amazon) allow smaller sellers to benefit from Amazon’s success in sales and marketing and logistics.

Getting Your Products Ready for Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

Sellers who get their products out through Amazon (or FBA) often find that they need help in completing all the steps involved with preparation. That’s where FBA Indiana Prep can help. We provide all the services needed to get product ready for intake by Amazon. The following services are included in our basic pricing:

  • Use of Inventory Software
  • Receiving
  • Inspection
  • Basic Packaging and Dunnage
  • Labeling, including:
    • FNSKU labels
    • Expiration labels
    • Suffocation warning labels
    • Ready to ship labels
    • 2D Barcode/Box Level Content
  • Shipping
  • Damaged Item Processing

Prepping Products to Amazon’s Standards

FBA Indiana Prep has experience in getting products packed to Amazon’s standards. Since items that are not properly prepared will be rejected by Amazon, we make sure that your products meet the Amazon guidelines for 100% acceptance by Amazon. From packing to labeling to shipping, we will take care of the details so you can simply concentrate on sourcing.

Our Customers

Private Label/Wholesale

Many of our customers are private label sellers or wholesalers. We can help you get your product into customers’ hands while reducing the amount of time and effort required from you. See our Pricing page for private label/wholesale pricing.

Online Arbitrage

We also work with online arbitrage businesses by providing logistical services, freeing up more time that can be spent on sourcing. See our Pricing page for online arbitrage pricing.