Packaging, FBA Labels & More

Participating in Fulfilled by Amazon programs allows sellers to simply source their products while leaving other tasks to Amazon. However, in order for products to be ready for acceptance from Amazon, they must be prepared to Amazon’s specifications, including required packaging and FBA labels. With a process perfected over our many years of experience, FBA Indiana Prep can take care of all the preparation, leaving you with more time to do the sourcing.

Our Proven Process

We know that Amazon is particular about the products it takes in.  Merchandise must be prepared according to their guidelines in order to ensure acceptance. Our process is precise so that you can count on 100% of your inventory meeting Amazon’s requirements every time. Once you send us your product, we follow this basic process with it.

  • Receiving. We can receive products from UPS, FedEx, and Freight Deliveries at no extra charge since the items are ready for unloading. Items received in shipping containers have to be manually unloaded and require an additional fee.
  • Inspection and inventory. Products are inspected and entered in our inventory system.
  • Packing. Products are packaged according to Amazon’s specifications for packaging and dunning. While basic packaging and dunnage is included in our price, there is an additional fee for hazardous material and other specialty package requirments.
  • Labeling. All required FBA labels are attached including:
    • FNSKU labels
    • Expiration labels
    • Suffocation warning labels
    • Ready to ship labels
    • 2D Barcode/Box Level Content
  • Shipping. When all prepping and packing is done, we will ship your products according to your specifications. We can ship to Amazon or drop ship products sold on Ebay, Etsy, or similar platforms. Products are shipped via the US Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx, utilizing optimal shipping rates.
  • Storage. If Amazon is not ready for your product yet, we offer low monthly storage rates.
  • Processing of damaged items as needed. We can process damaged items when required.