3PL Warehouse and Preparation Service

FBA Indiana Prep is a centrally located 3PL warehouse, specializing in FBA preparation services. 3PL (short for third party logistics) helps companies to outsource some tasks such as packing, preparation, storage, and shipping. FBA Indiana Prep utilizes our experience to prepare items for delivery with efficiency and accuracy, saving you both money and aggravation. Because of our convenient location in the Midwest, we are also able to help keeping shipping costs low for our clients.

About FBA Indiana Prep

FBA Indiana Prep has been involved in online sales and logistics since 2000. In 2013, we narrowed our business to specialize in FBA preparation. With our accumulated experience, we know what is expected and how to deliver it every time. Our employees are attentive to detail and will treat each product as if it is their own. We have a solid work ethic and will make sure that your product is handled well and delivered as specified. As a small company ourselves, we like to work with smaller companies and help them to succeed. You will find us friendly, flexible, and easy to work with.