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Indiana is a great place for our business to provide 3PL and FBA services. Our location in the Midwest allows us to take advantage of cost-effective shipping options. Furthermore, our Indiana location enjoys the benefits of being in an area that has both a low crime rate and a plentiful supply of motivated, dedicated workers. We are proud of our location in Indiana and also proud to serve businesses from around the country.

FBA Indiana Prep

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FBA Indiana Prep shows expertise with all aspects of FBA shipping and preparation. There is a lot that must be done to get a product from your hands to the hands of your eager customers. Amazon’s strict requirement for packaging and preparation must be met. That’s where FBA Indiana Prep can help. Our third party logistic services (3PL services) will help you increase the efficiency of your organization and open up more time for you to do what you know best – sourcing. Contact us today to get a quote and start using our expert services.