Q4 Best Selling Toy for 2016??

hatchimals-1Well its Q4 and time to make sure you are gearing up with the best products to increase your sells on Amazon! Toys are always a good choice with Christmas around the corner! The question always is what is going to be that HOT item of the year! Remember Tickle Me Elmo back in 1996, shoppers fighting at the stores just to get 1. Go back even further to Cabbage Patch Kids and just a few years ago we did very well with the ZhuZhu Pets picking them up for $10 and selling for $40+.


So what will be hot This year??  Hatchimals will be a top seller! Not sure what a Hatchimal is? Hatchimal is an interactive egg toy where you play to hatch. Every Hatchimal is different It can take 10-40 minutes to hatch. Watch the video below to learn more! So if you find a bunch of the Hatchimals this year pick them up and don’t forget we can help you prep your inventory for Amazon. Ship us your items, we can inspect, label, List to your account, and package for shipment to Amazon FBA Warehouses. Sign up for an account  with FBA Indiana Prep! Not selling on Amazon yet! Sign up for an Amazon Seller account!


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