Amazon Locks out New Sellers From FBA for Q4


As most have heard Amazon has closed its FBA services to new Sellers that have not completed your 1st shipment by October 10, 2016. After December 19, 2016 the key should open the lock and allow you to start shipping to Amazon.

Amazon made the decision do to the warehouses being full and are expecting to be more crowded during the holiday shopping season.

So if you are a new seller what options do you have!

  • Your only choice is to sell by Merchant fulfillment. Meaning you will be responsible to ship out your products to your customers. Is this a bad thing? Not at all! Items will still sell if you have the correct product people are looking for. Plus you can list your items on  other platforms, eBay, Etsy, your website, etc. to expand your reach!
  • But you say “I hate shipping” I have to have boxes, poly bags, Poly envelopes, Tape, shipping labels and the time to ship daily! We Can Help you with this! 

Send us your products and we will store and ship your inventory to your customers daily! Fast reliable service with dedicated support to you, NO waiting on Amazon Seller Central to respond to your cases. (our last issue has been in the case log system for 2 weeks with no answer yet) We will work hard for you to get your products to Customers in a timely manner!

Interested in our service please check it out here!

Our wish to You this holiday season is Bigger Profits!

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