Amazon FBA Label Requirements

One important component of prepping FBA products for receipt by Amazon of the labelling process. As with other components, Amazon has strict guidelines regarding the labels for each product. Our extensive experience in preparing items for FBA allows us to take care of all labeling-related tasks according to the specifications set forth by Amazon. We are very familiar with the Amazon FBA label requirements and can guarantee that all our prepped products will be 100% in compliance. Sellers who don’t want to mess with learning about the rules for labeling yourself can have confidence to leave the whole process to us.

FBA Indiana Prep Can Handle It All

No matter what your product FBA Indiana Prep has the expertise to get it labelled to FBA standards. We know what is needed and will see that everything is done correctly. Some of the labeling services that are included in our regular prices are:

  • FNSKU labels
  • Expiration labels
  • Suffocation warning labels
  • Ready to ship labels
  • 2D Barcode/Box Level Content.