Requirements for FBA

Sellers who are sourcing products through the FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) model must always be aware of Amazon’s Packaging and Prep requirements. These requirements are published by Amazon and readily available to any potential seller. Requirements are detailed and strictly adhered to by Amazon. When inventory arrives at an Amazon fulfillment center without proper packaging and labeling, Amazon may charge a fee or may even reject the products altogether. Many sourcing businesses do not want to put the time and effort into packaging items for themselves. Finding a reliable provider of 3PL services like FBA Indiana Prep can save businesses time, money, and trouble, freeing up more time to source their products.

No Packing Job is Too Complicated

Just glancing through the requirement outlined by Amazon, it’s easy to see that there are a lot of rules to follow. This makes it difficult to ensure that all necessary conditions are met. FBA Indiana Prep is familiar with these rules and how to apply them, which is why we can guarantee that all of our packaging will meet Amazon’s standards. This extends beyond basic packing jobs to include packaging of fragile items, glass items, loose items, bundled or boxed items, and even hazardous materials.